LAM Series actuators can be used in industry to spend, is durable and manufactured under the conditions of the task reliably in harsh environments, the need for a smooth control and automation of various purposes.

Actuator industrial hydraulic and pneumatic systems is a powerful alternative. Heavy industrial actuators designed specifically for the harsh conditions.

LAM series actuators can also be used in the home series actuators provide additional mediation main deck chairs for the home and leisure bed. For example, the electric actuator to provide adjustment for the neck or the seat, making casual furniture more valuable.

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  The actuator structure with high rigidity tight, multi-use design in the field of industrial environments. The actuator for agricultural machinery and various 
Variety of industrial applications is also very good. The powerful motor actuator to the external magnetic reed switch and other types of options for features.
   The appearance of a small actuator can be used in the narrower space; Sincerely external MR Sensor actuator position feedback and internal Micro-style limit switches.
   The actuator Founder exterior lines, structural strength, and can be used in home and leisure lounger bed provides additional regulation and quiet Sound industrial drives.


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