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Company History
March 1996 Its establishment, capital NT $ 5,000,000 yuan a whole.
1996 Japan HITACHI KOKUSAI DENKI ENGINEER CO., LTD. Ultrasonic cleaning department distributor in Taiwa
1998 Agents HIWIN linear transmission elements
1999 Ping 200 invested factories, manufacturing automation ultrasonic precision cleaning systems and high pressure spray equipment, critical acclaim.
2004 Development of Taiwan-made magnetic non-contact transmission components
2005 Hayes founded the investment COMMIT Ultrasonic Technology Co., Ltd.
2006 Investment in Kunshan Cheng Rui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

  Japan KOKUSAI ALPHA ultrasonic cleaner (ultrasonic cleaning machine) products were well received in Japan Wet Station semiconductor equipment manufacturers using products prepared cloth domestic and foreign IC factory used.
  The company's self-cleaning equipment can be widely used in semiconductor cleaning, LCD panel cleaning, PCB cleaning, solar wafer cleaning, optical lens cleaning, electronic parts washed,
    Motorcycle parts cleaning (high pressure jet washing machine), metal processing parts cleaning, used in cleaning industry for more than ten years of manufacturing experience in the desig
  Non-contact transmission components suitable for cleanroom automation transmission system
  Linear drive element has been successfully used parts for imported equipment maintenance, the use of precision instruments automation equipment, using inexpensive Made in Taiwan products.
In the future, the company will be the spirit of honesty, diligence, quality, 
Manufacturing and agency more suited to the domestic industry's products, and the industry work together.

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